I reviewed the books on these pages for All About Romance when I was one of their staff book reviewers. I have copied the reviews from the AAR site where they can also be read.  You can access the reviews from the drop-down menu or by using the search function for author and title. I have limited this list to include only those books I gave an A or B rating. The titles with lower ratings are still available at AAR if you’d like to look for them there.

Books by the following authors are included in the 62 AAR reviews. I have linked the authors’ names and their pages below. Some, however, have two or more books reviewed. For the complete results, use the search box at right to find the reviews.

Talya Andor, Shira Anthony, A. M. Arthur, Cary Attwell, J. P. Barnaby, Jay Bell, Leta Blake, Kade Boehme, Brad Boney, Cardeno C., Mercy Celeste, Charlie Cochrane, Heidi Cullinan, Jamie Fessenden, Jacob Z. Flores, John Goode, Sarah Granger, Andrew Grey, A.F. Henley, Edward Kendrick, Sean Kennedy, Alex Kidwell, Steve Kluger, Alexa Land, Amy Lane, Z. A. Maxfield, Kendall McKenna, Lloyd L. Meeker, Josephine Myles, Matt Ortiz, SJD Peterson, Carter Quinn, Rick R. Reed, Con Riley, Marie Sexton, Kate Sherwood, Aundrea Singer, Rowen Speedwell, Damon Suede, Anyta Sunday, Anne Tenino, A.J. Thomas, B.G. Thomas, Aleksandr Voinov, Jake Wells, and L. A. Witt

If you’re an author who would like his/her book reviewed by AAR, do NOT send me a copy, but go directly to the AAR site and follow their submission directions.

I no longer review for AAR (or anyone at the moment).