The Vampire’s Food Chain

Book Cover: The Vampire's Food Chain
Editions:ePub: $ 3.99
Pages: 274

In the new world order, collagen and Botox are out; becoming a vampire is in. Houses are not only green; they’re empathetic. Yet bad guys and crime still exist, some of it sanctioned by the gods.

Vampire Shawn Goodwin has one purpose in life: to be the first of her kind to walk in the light forever. She’s taken the first step in her journey by becoming a 911 emergency operator and counselor on the night shift. She saves lives for a living.

In order to throw off the shroud of vampirism, Shawn sees her invitation to become a god as a sign that it’s possible to become a real immortal, not the pale copy that vamps are. (They can be killed, after all.)

So she accepts the offer, only to find that someone is trying to stake her before she reaches the immortal state. Which of her so-called friends is really her enemy? Derek, the wizard whose blood feeds her? Jane, his sister, the witch who watches over them? Anthony, the head vampire? His brother Timothy, who resents Anthony’s power? Enrique or Luke, Anthony’s right hand men? Or Tom or Max, who like Anthony, Timothy, and the entourage have suddenly come into her life?

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