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For many years, I reviewed romance fiction. But lately, I’ve been writing it.

Whether you’ve come to read my reviews, or get information about my books, or find out a little bit more about me,, welcome to my world of writing.

8 Couples Find Love in the Foothills

Set in the Sierra Nevada foothills, this series of contemporary gay romances follows men from the San Francisco Bay Area as they fall in love with men from small town Stone Acres, California.
Each story stands alone, but to get the most enjoyment, start with What’s in a Name?
I grew up in Nebraska, a state that’s famous for its corn and cattle. This is a love story between a farmer and rancher. My late brother helped me with the small town and blizzard details. Thank you, Jim, wherever you are now. Order a copy here.
We’ve all had that breakup–the one where we don’t think we’ll ever recover. When Luke’s friends see what his breakup is doing to him, they plot to bring him back to life. Order your copy here. Maybe their ideas will give you a nudge back into fun.

Vampires and Gods Collide

For more information, go to The Vampire’s Food Chain.