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For many years, I reviewed romance fiction. But lately, I’ve been writing it.

Whether you’ve come to read my reviews, or get information about my books, or find out a little bit more about me,, welcome to my world of writing.

New Release

Following a horrific break up with his fiancé, Luke Bennet spends two years as a social hermit, only going to work and talking with Tina, Gina, and Rita, three friends from high school.

Refusing to let him wallow any longer, they intervene and talk him into going on twelve blind dates to get him back in social circulation.

The Trio have not only planned the dating venues but also chosen the perfect guys to lure Luke from his isolation.

Will he find love through these dates? Or will he run for cover again?
Set in the Sierra Nevada foothills, this series of contemporary gay romances follows men from the San Francisco Bay Area as they fall in love with men from small town Stone Acres, California.
Each story stands alone, but to get the most enjoyment, start with What’s in a Name?

Vampires and Gods Collide