It’s true. I reward myself when I complete a big writing project.

Doll House Goodies

After submitting the manuscript I’ve worked on for the past year, I went to Stewart Dollhouse Creationsand bought their new pie mold.

I really, really hope it’s as easy to use as the bundt cake mold seen here which is super simple and turns out great looking cakes. Their size? Quarter inch = 1 foot. The pies should be about the same size as the cakes. Yum, right?

A New Building for the Miniatures Block


Every neighborhood worth its existence needs a second-hand shop. The structure of Second Hand Rose is completed, and I’m going to start filling it with miniature “seconds.” I have boxes and boxes of swaps that various miniature friends (no, not undersized adults but others who make miniatures) have given me, and I’ve wanted somewhere to display the wonderful pieces that I haven’t used in my own houses and rooms. Rose’s seems to be the best answer for this.

Gypsy wagon (penny for scale)
Outside of bakery
Display window of bakery
Inside bakery
Inside and courtyard of bakery
Pumpkins and pies (penny for scale)
Houseplants (1/4″ scale)
Craft center in my home