Top 100 Romances

I compiled this list in 2015. My list would be somewhat different if I did it today.

  1. Slightly Dangerous, Mary Balogh (MF historical)
  2. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte (MF historical)
  3. The Temporary Wife, Mary Balogh (MF historical)
  4. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (MF historical)
  5. Dance with Me, Heidi Cullinan (MM contemporary)
  6. Suddenly You, Lisa Kleypas (MF historical)
  7. Something Like Autumn, Jay Bell (MM contemporary)
  8. Marriage of Mercy, Carla Kelly (MF historical)
  9. Love Lessons, Heidi Cullinan (MM contemporary)
  10. The More I See You, Lynn Kurland (MF historical)
  11. The Older Woman, Cheryl Reavis (MF contemporary)
  12. Covet Thy Neighbor, L. A. Witt (MM contemporary)
  13. She’s Got It Bad, Sarah Mayberry (MF contemporary)
  14. Beyond Duty, SJD Peterson (MM contemporary)
  15. A Reason to Live, Maureen McKade (MF historical)
  16. Tigers and Devils, Sean Kennedy (MM contemporary)
  17. About Last Night, Ruthie Marx (MF contemporary)
  18. Black Hawk Tattoo, Aundrea Singer (MM contemporary)
  19. Nothingness of Ben, Brad Boney (MM contemporary)
  20. Plan B, SJD Peterson (MM contemporary)
  21. Weekend with Mr. Darcy, Victoria Connelly (MF contemporary)
  22. After the End, Alex Kidwell (MM contemporary)
  23. A Different Kind of Forever, Dee Ernst (Mf contemporary)
  24. It’s Not Shakespeare, Amy Lane (MM contemporary)
  25. After Ben, Con Riley (MM contemporary)
  26. The Raven Prince, Elizabeth Hoyt (MF historical)
  27. Logan’s Outlaw, Elaine Levine (MF historical)
  28. Silver Lining, Maggie Osborne (MF historical)
  29. Dex in Blue, Amy Lane (MM contemporary)
  30. Raining Men, Rick R. Reed (MM contemporary)
  31. Heartless, Mary Balogh (MF historical)
  32. End of the Innocence, John Goode (MM contemporary)
  33. Aria, Shira Anthony (MM contemporary)
  34. Taboo for You, Anyta Sunday (MM contemporary)
  35. With or Without You, Brian Farrey (MM contemporary)
  36. The Promise of Jenny Jones, Maggie Osborne (MF historical)
  37. Frederica, Georgette Heyer (MF historical)
  38. Aria, Shira Anthony(MM contemporary)
  39. What the Librarian Did, Karina Bliss (MF contemporary)
  40. Flowers from the Storm, Laura Kinsale (MF historical)
  41. Almost Like Being in Love, Steve Kluger (MM contemporary)
  42. Chase in Shadow, Amy Lane (MM contemporary)
  43. The Night Remembers, Kathleen Eagle (MF contemporary)
  44. Aaron, J. P. Barnaby (MM contemporary)
  45. Second Hand, Heidi Cullinan/Marie Sexton (MM contemporary)
  46. Out of the Blackness, Carter Quinn (MM contemporary)
  47. Tigerland by Sean Kennedy (MM contemporary)
  48. From Father to Son, Janice Kay Johnson (MF contemporary)
  49. Book of Daniel, Z. A. Maxfield (MM contemporary)
  50. Dreaming of You, Lisa Kleypas (MF historical)
  51. Someone Else’s Fairytale, E. M. Tippetts (Mf contemporary)
  52. Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger (MF fantasy)
  53. Arrangement, Madeline Hunter (MF historical)
  54. Archangel, Sharon Shinn (MF fantasy)
  55. Other Guy, Cary Attwell (MM contemporary)
  56. Motorcycle Man, Kristen Ashley (MF contemporary)
  57. Bad Man’s Bride, Susan Kay Law (MF historical)
  58. Because of You, Jessica Scott (MF contemporary)
  59. The Way Back, Carter Quinn (MM contemporary)
  60. Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire (MF YA contemporary)
  61. Nacho’s, Z. A. Maxfield (MM contemporary)
  62. Lady Sophia’s Lover, Lisa Kleypas (MF historical)
  63. To Beguile a Beast, Elizabeth Hoyt (MF historical)
  64. Secret Pearl, Mary Balogh (MF historical)
  65. Cowboys: Matt, Leigh Greenwood (MF historical)
  66. The Spinster and the Rake, Anne Stuart (MF historical)
  67. Open Country, Kaki Warner (MF historical)
  68. Montana Blue, Genell Dellin (MF contemporary)
  69. Fantasy Lover, Sherrlynn Kenyon (MF fantasy)
  70. Ruthless, Anne Stuart (MF historical)
  71. Lady’s Companion, Carla Kelly (MF historical)
  72. Marrying the Captain, Carla Kelly (MF historical)
  73. After the End by Alex Kidwell (MM contemporary)
  74. Dream a Little Dream, Susan Elizabeth Phillips (MF contemporary)
  75. A Summer to Remember, Mary Balogh (MF historical)
  76. The Lady’s Tutor, Robin Schone (MF historical)
  77. A Texan’s Wager, Jodi Thomas (MF historical)
  78. Lady Sarah’s Son, Gayle Wilson (MF historical)
  79. Beau Crusoe, Carla Kelly (MF historical)
  80. Something Like Summer, Jay Bell (MM contemporary)
  81. Choices and Changes by K. L. Belanger (MM contemporary)
  82. Summer Moon, Jill Marie Landis (MF historical)
  83. Marry Me, Susan Kay Law (MF historical)
  84. The Notorious Rake, Mary Balogh (MF historical)
  85. Something Like Winter, Jay Bell (MM contemporary)
  86. A Match for Sister Maggie, Betty Neels (MF historical)
  87. A Reason to Believe, Maureen McKade (MF historical)
  88. Annie’s Song, Catherine Anderson (MF historical)
  89. Austenland, Shannon Hale (MF contemporary)
  90. Quinn’s Need, SJD Peterson (MM contemporary)
  91. Possession, Madeline Hunter (MF historical)
  92. Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold, Ellen O’Connell (MF historical)
  93. Hard Lovin’ Man, Lorraine Heath (MF contemporary)
  94. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, Julia Quinn (MF historical)
  95. The Iron Duke, Meljean Brook (MF steampunk)
  96. The Quiet Gentleman, Georgette Heyer (MF historical)
  97. Chaser, Rick R. Reed (MM contemporary)
  98. Shane & Trey by Anyta Sunday (MM contemporary)
  99. Iron Kissed, Patricia Briggs (MF fantasy)
  100. Virgin River, Robyn Carr (MF contemporary)