When I worked as a publicist at WETA-FM in Washington, DC, the radio station aired a program called Desert Island Discs. Every week a celebrity or politician would talk about the recordings he/she would like available if stranded on a desert island. The books in this section are ones I haven’t formally reviewed at any of my reviewing jobs but are on my Kindle’s DIK (Desert Island Keeper) folder. (And, yes, DIK is meant as a pun since most of the titles in this section will probably be gay romances.)

In other words, these are the books I would recommend if someone asked what books I’ve enjoyed and reread.

Notably missing in this group are books that are well-written but not recommended. These include IM by Rick R. Reed and The Boys on the Mountain by John Inman. Sometimes authors, whose other works I love, write books I can’t finish or regret when I do. I’m past the age of horror, having seen enough of it firsthand. So while Rick and John write wonderful stories, these particular books aren’t for me.

You can access the books by using the drop-down menu at the side of the DIK tab or use the search function. Since I’m constantly reading, this will be updated often.