Labor Day Sale

Just in case you missed the video about the Labor Day Sale of my books, (You can order the books here.) I thought I’d make it official as a blog. I am so tech un-savvy that I didn’t know Windows 10 includes a video maker. When I learned it did and that it was pretty easy to use, I jumped in with both feet and a lot of trepidation to make a quick video about the Foothills Pride series and announce the sale.

Will there be more videos? Yes! I’m working on another one to announce my holiday short story, coming this December from Dreamspinner Press. I’m trying to decide whether to include the two previous holiday short stories–Blame It on the Fruitcake and The Orpheum Miracle–or limit the video to the newest story, Making the Holidays Happy Again.

So sit back (for 41 seconds!) and enjoy my first attempt at a Windows 10 homemade video.

Also, if you’re wondering what I’m working on these days, I’ve added progress bars to the website to keep you–and me!–up-to-date on how far along I am in writing each book. As I undertake new projects, I’ll add new bars. I’m not sure what happens as I finish each project and reach the targets. Do the bars change color? Don’t know. But I do know that each project gets a finalized cover, you’ll see it here on the website first in the project bars. Until then, you’ll see the tentative titles, placeholder covers, and brief descriptions of the plots. Now you’re as on top of my projects as I am!

Have a happy, safe, sane Labor Day Weekend! Peace.

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