First Chapter of Work in Progress: How to Mend a Wooden Heart

On Friday, August 24, at the Lavender Library in Sacramento, I read an abridged version from the first chapter of How to Mend a Wooden Heart, my work in progress. You can see the video of my reading at . If I look and sound terrified, I was. Which is weird since I spent … Read more

Get Out! Oh, No!

To Jordan Peele: I love you and your work! But….but….but….Get Out really needed a content editor—badly. And because it did, I went away disappointed, really disappointed. Now, the disclaimer……. Wait for it…… SPOILERS TO COME….. SPOILERS TO COME….. SPOILERS TO COME….. …….. …….. …….. Here are my developmental questions: If they’ve been stealing/luring black men … Read more

What Are the Current Works in Progress?

Like all the authors I know, I’m currently writing two books. That may seem strange to readers and probably to many writers, but I write this way so that when I’m stuck on project one, I can write on project two. What am I currently writing? The first tentatively titled Art of Love is about Gavin … Read more