Labor Day Sale

Just in case you missed the video about the Labor Day Sale of my books, (You can order the books here.) I thought I’d make it official as a blog. I am so tech un-savvy that I didn’t know Windows 10 includes a video maker. When I learned it did and that it was pretty … Read more

First Chapter of Work in Progress: How to Mend a Wooden Heart

On Friday, August 24, at the Lavender Library in Sacramento, I read an abridged version from the first chapter of How to Mend a Wooden Heart, my work in progress. You can see the video of my reading at . If I look and sound terrified, I was. Which is weird since I spent … Read more

What a Week!

I’ve been busy this week–getting ready for my older daughter and her family’s visit. Fortunately, they’re a self-contained unit, so there isn’t much to do except get bedrooms ready, put out fresh towels (after the housecleaner’s visit), and grocery shop. But I think we’re ready. They come in tonight and stay until Tuesday. The big … Read more