What Are the Current Works in Progress?

Like all the authors I know, I’m currently writing two books. That may seem strange to readers and probably to many writers, but I write this way so that when I’m stuck on project one, I can write on project two. What am I currently writing? The first tentatively titled Art of Love is aboutĀ Gavin … Read more

Who Should Play Fen and John in Short Order?

Short Order Banner

I answer that and other burning questions at Stories That Make You Smile today. Who do you think would be good at playing the two lead men in the story? (Think cute short men! No beefy hunks need apply. Sorry, Armie Hammer!) SaveSave

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Short Order

One of the most frequently asked questions that authors get is where we get our ideas. I answer that question as it pertains to me in the Dreamspinner blog today. So if you’re wondering where I got the ideas on which Short OrderĀ is based, go to the blog piece to find out. SaveSave

Rainbow Award Honorable Mention

Rainbow Awards

Two books won Rainbow Awards Honorable Mentions in 2017: Frank at Heart and The Orpheum Miracle. You can read the reviews here. Available at Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever eBooks are sold. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave