What Are the Current Works in Progress?

Like all the authors I know, I’m currently writing two books. That may seem strange to readers and probably to many writers, but I write this way so that when I’m stuck on project one, I can write on project two. What am I currently writing?

The first tentatively titled Art of Love is about Gavin O’Sullivan, a sculptor who grew up in Sacramento, California and who left the city after he graduated from high school. At the time, he was eager to leave not only because he was gay and being raised in a strict fundamental household but also because he was ready to spread his wings as an artist. He goes to live with his gay uncle in New York City. Years later when he lands a part-time teaching job at Sacramento City College and a commission to provide a piece to a Bay Area corporate headquarters, he returns to Sacramento. There he meets and is smitten with lawyer Cary Lockridge. But as in so many romance novels, the road to love isn’t strewn with rose petals but banana peels.

The second book titled Buckaroo’s Heart revolves around two men in Wyoming, one an illiterate out-of-work cowboy named Jake Vons and the other Les Phillips, the employment specialist whose job it is to find him a position. Complicating their burgeoning love story are Tucker, Les’s five-year-old nephew, who idolizes all things Western, and Les’s inability to see past Jake’s reading problems.

Stay tuned for more updates on both projects. What are you writing or reading?

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