What a Week!

I’ve been busy this week–getting ready for my older daughter and her family’s visit. Fortunately, they’re a self-contained unit, so there isn’t much to do except get bedrooms ready, put out fresh towels (after the housecleaner’s visit), and grocery shop. But I think we’re ready. They come in tonight and stay until Tuesday.

The big local news is the weather which has been like the Cowardly Lion would say “Unusual.” Tuesday we got torrential rain, thunder, lightning, and hail. That’s predicted for today also, but so far it’s been lovely outside. Since my writing room is in the center of the house and doesn’t really have much of an outside view, when Tuesday’s storm began, I thought it sounded like extra large squirrels frolicking on the roof. Nope. No large squirrels only squirrel-sized hail.

In between writing, I realized I didn’t have any author cards that weren’t directly related to Foothills Pride. Since the series is finished, I thought it about time I get some real cards. They arrived today from Vista Print and I’m really pleased with them. What do you think?

And that’s been my week! Now back to writing and waiting for the weather to change.

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